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 This weekend, I test drove SIRI.  SIRI told me where to find the nearest Redbox, what movies were available there, how much time was left before I could take my pumpkin cheesecake out of the oven and the distance that Frenchie ran on Saturday morning.  SIRI gave me suggestions on the best type of workout pants and running shoes to buy and the time of the Cowboys game on Sunday afternoon.  Unfortunately, SIRI got tired of being my personal assistant and told me to shove it when I asked her to carry all of the groceries into the house.  I then proceeded to tell her that SIRI does whatever her master commands.  We went on like this for 10 minutes until my mom yelled "IRIS and ROOTH, stop bickering and bring the food in the house this instant!"

To my sister Iris, the very first and best SIRI.