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 It was a beautifully balmy fall weekend in Texas and Frenchie and I finally went to go visit my parents and sister.  We were trying to schedule around rush hour traffic and sneak out of work right after lunch time on Friday, which didn't work too well as my work world pretty much exploded on Friday afternoon (different story).  I hurried home as soon as I could and threw all of my things together and we set off for the four hour car ride, which wouldn't put us at my parents' house until near midnight.  Well, wouldn't you know it, as we pull up to the front of my parents' home, I realized that I left my overnight bag in Houston.  All of the clothes I had planned to wear for the entire weekend, my phone and blackberry charger, my extra shoes and all of my toiletries.  The only thing I was smart enough to grab, which will show you where my priorities lie, was my work computer bag.

Lucky for me, my mom, sister and I are generally around the same size so it worked out alright in the end.  Except for the fact that I had ridiculously worn my fur-lined boots, which were the only shoes I had for the entire 80-degree weather weekend.  T-shirt, shorts and snow boots.  You live and learn, I guess.