I love everything about this house.  I love that there's a main house with two bedrooms and the 500 square foot guest house with two bedrooms.  It's big enough for me and Frenchie.  I love the amount of natural light that streams in through the living room windows but also the fact that the lot is surrounded by large, mature trees.  I love how the current owners have decorated and furnished the home.  The main house is only 1,150 square feet and they have kept everything very simple, tasteful and smart.  I love how there are not superfluous living areas and I'm daydreaming about the meals / projects / drinks that we could have gathered around a rough hewn dining room table.  I love the gravel outdoor entertaining area in the backyard and the large windows to the guest house.  I think I must have a fascination with guest houses but that's only because I someday hope that I'll be able to have my friends and family come visit or stay with me for an extended amount of time.  I could also use it as a writer's studio when it's unoccupied (okay, now I'm really dreaming).