Weekend revelations

  1. No matter how gorgeous the "fall" weather is outside, nothing can tear me away from marinating on the couch and allowing my brain to turn into mush
  2. Making mussels is easy!  That said, I bought them pre-washed and debearded.  And cleaning up after making mussels is hard.  I practically disinfected every kitchen surface afterward.  It is kinda cool seeing some of the little guys open and close before you boil them to death
  3. My laziness trumps practically everything.  After my culinary foray into shellfish, I then spent the entire weekend eating Totino's Pizza Rolls.  Yes, they have trans fat and no, I don't really mind.  It takes less than a minute to nuke them in the microwave and they are delicious
  4. It's Christmas time already.  No joke.  This weekend all the Christmas decorations and lights went up at the shopping centers around town.  In the 90 degree weather.  Boo
  5. The Big Bang Theory and Sheldon Cooper are seriously addictive.  See Note 1
  6. We have a twisted sense of weather here in Texas (okay, so this isn't exactly a revelation).  Frenchie and I thought, since it's mid-October, why don't we go play tennis in the sun dappled afternoon?  Bad idea - it wasn't cool and breezy at all and my face exploded into a sweaty, angry red tomato due to the heat (and also not being in shape)
I'd love to hear about all your lovely weekends - I'm especially jealous about the corn mazes that people are visiting.  I really want to do that!  Or is it one of those things that sounds like a better idea than it actually is?

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  1. What does it mean to debeard a mussel? LOL Eating anything that needs to be debearded kind of scares me!

  2. hahaha...totally agree with some of these revelations...especially with The Big Bang Theory one !! it's sooo hilarious !

  3. I don't know why, but "debearded" made me laugh out loud. I didn't know mussels had beards! (My weekend was boring and filled with putting together Ikea furniture.)

  4. i was seriously shocked to see christmas displays in stores already. can't we at least get through thanksgiving!

  5. You know, I love, LOVE Christmas. But I'm not loving that it's out already. Did you hear that Nordstroms maintains their policy to reveal their Christmas displays only after Thanksgiving? They may be my new favorite store. Sigh.

    Also, cornmazes freak me out a little bit ... especially the ones where creepy people jump out at you as you walk along--eek!


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