Disclaimer: I think this may be one of my favourite books that I've read this year.  Ready Player One is set in the not-so-distant future, where the world has depleted its natural resources, and the population has escaped by immersing itself in a simulation environment for work, entertainment and social interaction.  The creator of the simulation world, otherwise known as OASIS, has died and left his billions to the winner of a game that he has hidden inside the OASIS.  The main character of the novel is Wade, an orphaned 18 year old and an OASIS fanatic, who is in the hunt to win the grand prize.  The game, as you could expect, turns very real and very dangerous as Wade's simulation and real world become intertwined. 

Not to geek you out but this book contains tons of Dungeons and Dragons, Star Wars and gaming terminology.  I found it to be incredibly entertaining and enjoyable despite not understanding all of those references.  There's also an unavoidably creepy parallel that one could draw to Steve Jobs' death last week as well.  Geek, nerd or neither, the story is action packed and I highly recommend you pick it up.  The movie rumors on this one have already begun.

The author Ernie Cline is currently touring, doing book signings and readings, and I've put together a nerd-chic outfit that can accompany you to the bookstore to meet him and pick up your own autographed copy. 

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