It's a bit bare bones at Casa de Rooth at the moment.  In my living room, I've got a new tv (crucial but not completely necessary) with media stand, bookshelf (absolutely necessary for my mess of books), dining room table with chairs and that's really about it.  Nothing to soften it up or invite people to sit on if they would like to come over to visit or watch television.  With the bare wood floors, it literally echoes with emptiness in here.

My almond paste sofa* arrives next week, which should help a bit, but in the meantime I'd like to add some cozier elements to make the space more inviting, friendly and welcoming to the weary friend (if they're friends with me, they're bound to be a little bit weary).  All in good time, of course, and I should really start exploring the local home goods and furniture stores here but I can't help but window shop online.  Who could resist these goodies?  Someone suggested that I toss a few bean bags in here and forgo the rest of the furniture but I can't help but shudder at the thought of one of those popping and those Styrofoam pebbles getting everywhere.

*Almond paste because it's a cream colour.  I like how using food to describe colour makes it that much more appealing.  And appetizing.