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Unfortunately, my body does not agree with the attitude I have toward the New Year.  I've been beset with, separately, a sore throat, sinus infection, runner's knee and now foot problems and all in the past few weeks.  Looks like someone's body has a bit of that James Dean "Rebel Without A Cause" attitude.

I've been icing the knee and applying heat to the foot but may take a short break from running because of it - even though sister tells me that I've got to 'pick up the pace or else we'll never run the half in time.'  She was rather kind and kept glancing back over her shoulder as I lumbered along to make sure I hadn't collapsed.  I've been hobbling around like the old woman that I am - although it hasn't deterred me from doing my post-Xmas bargain hunting (Anthro sale anyone?).

Sister also rushed to the drugstore the other day to buy some medicine to relieve my sinus headache (I seriously thought I was going to throw up at the pain).  It's good to have someone around when you're sick and brave enough to weather the germ storm.

New resolution for 2013?  Heal the body and keep it well.