I do these "Hey Homey" posts so often now that I forget that when it comes to house hunting in real life, it's actually not quite as simple as window shopping online, finding the perfect one you want and then magically blinking your furniture there in a split second (yeah, let's not even start talking about moving your stuff).  No, you actually have to navigate the real estate market and chance upon the one that fits your price range, location preference and then the personal style of your family.  You will most likely have to be flexible on several fronts and compromise on a home that fits everyone in the end.  I only wish it was as simple as clicking here to be able to buy this beautiful home below (and just as easy to make the money appear magically in your bank account).

So what is the most important to you?  Location?  Price?  Style?  Will you compromise space for location?  And do you gladly take on challenges to make a space fit you instead of the other way around?  I'm not sure where I stand on these issues and would be happy to hear your input in the comment section below.