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Thanks to all of you with regards to the furniture advice as well as the well wishes to my relocation.  I know I've been a bit skimpy with the details of my move; it's only because I'm trying to get the details ironed out but it looks like this may be my very last weekend living in Houston!

Unfortunately for me (sorry Erin), I'm not moving across the pond although that remains a dream of mine.  Instead I'm moving approximately 250 miles north, which in some parts of the country would constitute crossing state lines.  Because Texas is the behemoth that it is, I am still going to be a Texas girl but living closer to my hometown where my parents and my sister are.  It's an unexpected home coming to a place that I haven't lived in in over 10 years (I know you northerners are laughing at me but it's going to be colder so I'm stocking up on sweaters).

But if I've learned anything over the last year, it's that life will push you into a lot of different directions and how you handle it is a test of your mettle.  It's hard to say whether or not this will prove to be a good or bad decision.  Some of my friends have called this yet another risky decision - wuhoo, two in one year!  However, I'm determined to make the most of the opportunity that's given to me.

I do love my family and enjoy the time that we spend together and am looking forward to tormenting hanging out with them on a more regular basis.  I also know that I'll be back to Houston quite regularly; I won't be able to forget the people here and the kindness and heart that they've shown me since I moved to the Bayou City years ago.