Oh the food.  I could devote an entire blog just to the good eats in Houston.  I truly believe that this is the best eating town in all of the United States - best eating defined as best quality food for the best price with the best service.  Bold claim but you guys really have to get here and try it.  Just aim for the non-summer months.

I will miss the food.  I can't believe that I'm leaving right at the beginning of crawfish season.  Honey dolls, if you like the spicy stuff, then you have got to go to an authentic crawfish boil.  There are some restaurants in town that will work in a pinch but there are a good, rowdy bunch of Louisiana transplants here that do just a bang up job.  Also, the Chinatown is one of the best that I've been to.  I've become more of a connoisseur of Vietnamese food here and also learned to love me some Malaysian cuisine.  There are veritable dim sum palaces, complete with wedding ballrooms, located right across the street from each other.  Pick one, you can't go wrong and try not to get into an accident in the parking lot.

I will not miss the food.  I'm pretty pumped about the new food discoveries that I'll make in Dallas.  The Dallas / Fort Worth area has had six breweries open in the past year.  Spiral Diner is a pretty good substitute for my favourite Houston vegan restaurant, even if it's not Tex-Mex.  My fast food guilty pleasure Taco Bueno "Better Than Taco Bell" is also located in Dallas.  Plus, I'll get to eat more of my Dad's good good cooking.  Now all I have to make sure is that I keep up the exercise program (which hasn't been going so well this year) so I don't also turn into the fat Texan stereotype.