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Just so that we're all caught up, I'm moving this week.  Relocation from the city that some people call the Armpit of the South to the city that calls itself the Los Angeles of the South <insert rabble rousing debate here>.  To try to be fair to both cities, we're going to play a game of "What I will miss vs. What I won't miss" on my blog and act as a semi-persuasive spokesperson for both places.  Come visit - really do!

Round 1

I will miss the humidity.  Lotion?  What's that?  My skin stays hydrated, regardless of what type of moisturizer I don't use, and keeps the people here looking younger than their years.  Same goes for any leather conditioning you would have to do - on your car, purses, shoes, etc.  And chapstick - not necessary.  Yes, it's that humid.  Also, here in Houston, I'm never scared of touching doorknobs, no matter how aggressively I shuffle over the carpet.

I won't miss the humidity.  Guess what?  My hair is straight in Dallas.  And you can use a towel in the morning and it'll actually dry out the same day.  I won't have to shower after taking a stroll outside in early March or scurry hamster-like along in the tunnels during the summer because it's too sticky to go outside to grab lunch.

Round 2... to be continued