Okay, maybe not exactly A MILLION but pretty close.  My arm looks like, and I apologize for this terribly morbid metaphor, I attempted to slit my wrists 50 times, each time more unsuccessful than the last.  That's what comes of trying to reuse and recycle empty cardboard boxes, the most extreme case of paper cuts I've ever gotten.  I know I know - hashtag first world problems.

I hope y'all have exciting weekend plans prepared.  We're going through a bit of a heat wave here in Texas (it's flipping 80 degrees!) and I packed completely inappropriately for my swan song / goodbye-drinks-dinner-party in Houston this weekend.  So I mean, I just had to go shopping today for warm weather stuff, right?  And this totally doesn't go against the search for cold weather clothing I mentioned a few days ago.  Sigh...

Now pardon me while I try not to violate my 'leggings as pants' rule.  Have a wonderful one!