Anyone watch X Games Aspen over the weekend?  The Winter Games in Sochi are only a year away and I've got skiing on my mind.  It seems that every year, right around this time, I do a post like this.  A grand escape to the mountains.  To the wide drifts of snow and the quiet of gliding on top of it and seeing the world laid out at your feet.  Or more like skis pointed uphill, somehow flat on your back and getting snow down your pants.

So maybe I shouldn't be talking about wanting a vacation so early on in the game but it's never too early to plan now is it?  This boutique hotel The Dolce Vita Chalet in South Tyrol, Italy has got all the makings of a cozy and dare-I-say romantic ski vacation.  Let's see who can be first to convince her / his significant other to book this trip as a Valentine's Day present.  On second thought, screw asking someone else, let's just go.*

All photos from DVChalet

*I am not sponsored by DV Chalet for this post but would gladly be.  They can compensate me with a room for a week.  Thanks.  I mean Grazie.