Happy Monday all!  Are you relaxed and rested from the weekend?  Or are you ready for this week to be over already?  Lucky for me, this Monday started out wonderfully as lovely Sara at Simply Sara Grace threw me a bone during award season and deemed my blog worthy of Liebster Award.  Thanks very much Sara!

Eleven Facts About Me (That I'm Not So Proud Of):

1... My DVD collection includes Exit Wounds starring DMX and Resident Evil 2.
2... The only cups I own right now are wine glasses.  Do you really need any other kind?
3... I'm scared of visiting the dentist.  The drilling sound alone makes me break out in a cold sweat.
4... Despite the fact that I'm Chinese, I like almost every other Asian cuisine better than Chinese food.
5... I just threw away my Blockbuster rental card a week ago.
6... I haven't been doing a good job of keeping my blogging resolutions.  Exclamation points and 'love' abound!
7... I rarely change my earrings.  Is that weird?  I'm so prone to losing jewelry that if I change them out often, I'll lose earring backs.
8... The only blanket that I own right now (besides the comforter on my bed) is a snuggie.  So classy.
9... I've had to consciously focus on not taking as many pictures of food on my Instagram.
10... Even though it's currently over 70 degrees outside right now, I still have the heat on.  : /
11... I don't think there's any more denying that I have a caffeine addiction that can only be satiated by lots of coffee.  And not any kind of coffee.  Fancy lattes with almond milk.

And as if I really need to make these Q & A sections funkier, let's make these questions applicable only to the current week.  Enjoy!

Who inspires you the most?  Conner and Cayden Long, Sports Illustrated Kids Sportskids of the Year, are who I'm inspired by this week.  Watch the video and I challenge you not to tear up.  Even LeBron did...

What is your dream career?  My pie in the sky dream job this week would be to be a singer.  How awesome would it be to be able to belt out tunes that can make people stand up in applause and weep unabashedly with only your voice?  I'm one of those not-so-secret car karaoke divas.  Thank goodness it's pretty much relegated to the car only.

If you could be any famous figure for a day, who would you be and why?  I'd be curious as to the daily life of a Supreme Court justice, even the not so glamorous parts of her day such as picking out her outfit or who she tries to avoid at work.

Where is your favorite place on earth?  Anywhere that friends and family are.  But besides that, any place that I can ski.  After watching the Winter X Games last night, I really want to go to a remote mountain and ski the day away.

Milkshake or cupcake?  Milkshakes are the gods' nectar to my dad.  We were brought up revering the vanilla McDonald's milkshake and subsequently, everything after that has tasted that much better.  I'd love a Guinness Milkshake right now actually.

What is your favorite quote?

Via Society6

Who is your favorite band?  I've been playing I Knew You Were Trouble by Walk Off the Earth on repeat.  This version, IMO, is better than the Taylor Swift original.

Who is your favorite author?  I'm currently working through Rotters by Daniel Kraus.  It started with a little more YA angst and drama than I'm prone to enjoy but the story is growing on me.  It has tinges of The Monstrumologist, if you've read that.  Those with weak stomachs need not apply.

What made you create your blog?  To amuse y'all (get the blog title?)!  And with that, here are some ponies wearing cardigans.

Via Visit Scotland

What is number one on your bucket list?  Can one have a weekly bucket list?  If so, on the bucket list this week is to throw a Super Bowl party.  More details later but I hope to be able to incorporate some healthy and vegetarian party foods.  Any recommendations?

What is your guilty pleasure?  Today, I almost ate an entire container of Noosa by myself.  If you guys haven't tried this stuff, you have to go out and get some.  It tastes too good to be yoghurt, really, it's more like a dessert to me.  Nom.

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