Via Society6
I've really enjoyed reading all of your blogging resolutions for 2013 and some of the new blog designs that have started surfacing are quite delightful.  I have fewer and less lofty blog aspirations; y'all are going to have to make sure that I stick to these blogging resolutions.

Stop the excessive usage of exclamation points in others' comment sections.  Sometimes I'm really happy about something you blogged about and oftentimes I'm excited for you as well.  But my all-too-common use of exclamation points must make you think that I'm either shouting all the time (!!!) or way too excited about your cute new shoes or the terrible book that we both just read.  Truly, I'm not frightening, just carried away with the Shift + 1 combination.

Find a word other than 'love' to use.  I love my family and friends.  But I'm pretty sure that 'love' is the wrong feeling to express for a pair of socks.  Or living room set up.  Use your words Rooth.  Or the thesaurus function on Merriam Webster.

Take a new profile picture.  One that's a better representation of what I look like - aka more awkward.

Try to be clever (and funny).  Let's admit it, my blog would be much more entertaining that way.  And I bet I'd have more fun writing it.  I need to take inspiration and lessons from folks like Ciara - lordy lordy that woman can write and make me laugh till I cry.