Plush Tights / Contigo Thermos / Wrap / Dress
I am one of those cold-blooded creatures with bad circulation and perpetually icy cold hands and feet.  At my last job, I kept a space heater under my desk for those especially chilly days.  I've also done my fair share of silly things to try and stay warm in the office - including wearing multiple layers of oversized fleece jackets, keeping a pair of fingerless rainbow arm warmers at my desk and making sure a constant rotation of hot chocolate and coffee are within my reach.  For those of you like me, you know that it's tough to stay stylish AND warm in the office.  What of those chic skirts and dresses?  Can't wear them unless you want your legs to feel like popsicles.  Those jewel-toned silky blouses?  You may as well forget about those.

But what you can do right now is get your mitts on some sophisticated offerings to stay warm especially during the post holiday sales.  Like a neutral coloured wool wrap that looks nice enough to wear to internal meetings (confound those cold meeting rooms!) and a wool blend dress that you can layer with a jacket or blazer.  And my next investment is definitely going to be in fleece-lined tights.

Do you have any tips to staying warm in the office?