Via Society6

ZOMG indeed - everyone is sick.  Frenchie is sick with the flu.  My sister is here visiting and she's sick.  Is it just me or is every flu season getting worse than the one before it?  This is horrible to admit but I'm really struggling to keep up this Florence Nightingale charade of the soothing caretaker.  I know that they were patient and lovely enough to take care of me just a week ago when I was sick but Man Oh Man, I've brewed countless cups of tea and ran to the grocery store no less than three times to buy juice and pick up medicine.  I'm exhausted and I really have so much admiration for moms right now.  I don't know how moms with multiple sick children do it.

One small observation, men are much worse patients than women.  Frenchie acts as though he's on his death bed and is wandering around the apartment as if he's on a zombie death march.  My sister?  Off to work today as usual.  What gives?