Whew!  What a weekend.  I could survive without seeing another scrap of cardboard for as long as I live.  My moving boxes are broken down and laying haphazardly on my living room floor.  There's moving wrapping paper scattered throughout the place.  I need a recycling truck to back itself up to my apartment so I can load it up.

I am taking your kind advice and being patience with regards to amassing furniture.  I've got the key pieces (sofa being delivered next week) and everything else can slowly take its time accumulating in my apartment.  When all my things are straightened and in order, I will be sure to share pictures of my place with you.  For now, I wish my place looked a little bit more like this house.  Clean, crisp and most importantly, uncluttered.

Thanks for being patient with me the past little while.  I'm getting my cable / internet all hooked up this week and should be back to normal operating procedure in a few days.