New haircut
When I was a kid, I came back from school one day and asked my mom why I didn't have blonde hair like all the other kids.  I now rephrase that question to - Why, Mom, do I have the wonkiest hair ever?  Who did I inherit my wacky wavy hair from?  I got a haircut this past weekend and my hair hasn't quite looked as good as the salon originally styled it, no matter how much effort I put toward it (isn't that always the case?).  Now it just looks like my hair, just shorter and potentially a little more awkward.  Time to find some mid-length updos until my hair stops freaking out that I cut 10 inches off.  Actually, scratch that.  Even my pony tail is wonky looking.

Also, AT&T U-Verse, why no BBC America in HD?  What's up with that?  Don't you realize that us American folks want to watch Doctor Who and The Nerdist in high definition?  Biggest disappointment of the week.  Don't worry, I already lobbied an official complaint against them.

Lastly, does anyone know where to pick up funky fresh, not wildly expensive winter clothes?  I seem to find myself without adequate warm clothing after living in the tropical humidity for seven years.  I've been running a muck in a hoodie and workout pants and layering all of that with a long wool coat.  Yeah, it's a hot mess all around in Roothland.