Ray Gun Site

Wednesday is a big day for me - the second birthday of my blog and my 501st blog entry.  I never thought that anybody out there would willingly read the awkward ramblings of a random girl on the interwebs - not to mention over 175 people.  I wanted to dedicate this day to you readers and tell you that I truly appreciate all of you visiting me regularly and all of your thoughtful comments - encouraging me through the rougher times and laughing along with me when things are going well (or oddly).

I had originally thought the benefit of blogging would be flexing my atrophied creative "writing" muscles but I quickly realized that my favourite part of blogging is meeting the different people from all over the world.  From the care packages and greeting cards to the in-person lunches / happy hours and the daily emails just checking in, I'm so glad that I've gotten to know you all and am lucky enough to count you among my friends.  Thank you for always being there and thank you for making the interwebs such a fun, inspiring and heartwarming place to be.