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Good morning to you from NYC!  There's some SNOW on the ground here - I can't believe it's only October and some places in the Northeast got a foot of snow this weekend.  I haven't even pulled my winter stuff out of the closet, guys.  Frenchie's grandmother slipped on the ice outside her home on Sunday and broke her ankle.  She's in a walking boot now and we are all wishing for her speedy recovery.  I sure hope that this isn't an indication of what we're in for this winter. 

This weekend, I went to a lovely birthday dinner for one of my friends and saw the best Halloween costume (Black Swan - the eye makeup was GENIUS).  How come I can never come up with clever ideas like that?  And last night, I checked in late and scared myself silly until close to 2 am (those Paranormal Activity 3 trailers did not help).  I spent half the night sleeping with the lights on in the hotel room and half expecting to see some dark figure looming over my bed.  I need to stop watching documentaries on haunted hotels.  Needless to say, I'm tired but in the Halloween spirit!  Have a fun time trick or treating if you're going tonight and stay warm.