Blue Marble
Some groundbreaking (see what I just did there) news!  Although it's only the beginning of 2015, the end of days has fast forwarded through this year and arrived in grand fashion.

Today in Dallas, Texas (emphasis on the Texas part), we had four earthquakes in the span of five hours.  Although I didn't feel the subsequent three, I was in my office on the fifth floor when the first one hit and at first, I thought it was building maintenance knocking about on the roof.  However, it was too deep and prolonged of a rumbling to be heavy machinery, and sure enough, seconds later Twitter confirmed the first quake to hit North Texas.  The second one occurred while I was on horseback and thank goodness, neither Ryon nor I noticed a thing or he would have been shaking in his boots (oh snap).  I'm bracing myself for the next one to come; time to pull out the earthquake emergency kit oh wait this is Texas and so we aren't prepared for those types of situations.  How do you even have an earthquake drill?  Does everyone find a doorway to stand in?  California folks, enlighten me.

Perhaps instead I should be readying myself for a winter storm that is expected for Saturday with snow.  Earth shattering (zing), right?  It's as if with all the other commotion going on (like the Dallas Cowboys), Mother Nature decided to remind us that HEY I'M STILL HERE.  Yes ma'am we do hear you and appreciate you for reminding us that we are all miniature mites on this blue-green marble we call Earth.