I feel like the mantra of my entire adult life has been "less things, more substance."  Or even "quality over quantity."  Which is going to ring completely false when I share this post which mainly features the things that I’ve bought (and loved) in January.  Realistically, as much as I dream about it and watch that darn show on tv, I’m not going to be moving into a Tiny House anytime soon.  And I also recognize the importance of thinking about things that I’ve purchased and really enjoyed.  Finally in my 30s, I've been tracing the common theme in All of the Stuffs that I've truly appreciated and trying to base my future purchases around that.  Shop smart and don't waste time / money / energy following fads or trends or what looks cool on pinterest / instagram / other people.  So without further ado, the Yeas for January 2015...

Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea - I love this one so hardcore.  I wouldn't consider myself an obsessive tea drinker or someone who remotely prefers tea over coffee.  That is, until wonderful Amy shipped me a tin of this heavenly stuff for my birthday.  Consider me a convert into the Church of Tea.  It's cinnamony goodness that will warm you to the depths of your soul with a hint of sweetness that isn't at all overpowering but still tickles your tongue and makes your tastebuds swing.  I've already purchased my second tin and have a mugful sitting within arm's reach as I type away.  And even if you leave the tea bag sitting out because you’re too lazy to throw it out, the scent lasts and smells much better than any air freshener could.  Point one for cozy laziness.

Humble Image Comics Bundle - I've blogged about Humble Bundle before here and I fervently believe in supporting this organization's e-book bundles.  The Humble Image Comics Bundle gives you the option of paying whatever you would like for an electronic bundle of Image (comic book publisher who have published some of my favourite series) comics and permits you to donate a portion of the proceeds (however much you would like) to a nonprofit.  The charity that Humble Bundle has chosen for this set is The Hero Initiative which supports comic book writers, artists, and creators in need.  This particular bundle has a good set of comics (and is a great bargain) and I highly suggest picking up a few of them, even if you don't buy the bundle, including East of West and The Wicked + The Divine.

Nisolo Smoking Shoe - I posted a picture this past weekend of my new kicks and have only received compliments on them in the office today.  Because as sexy as heels are, let's be honest, you won't be comfortable running around the office for 12 hours in them I don't care how Italian they are.  These beautiful leather puppies coddled my feet all day and now I want every shoe in every colour from Nisolo.  Nisolo is based in Nashville, TN and all of the shoes are manufactured in Trujillo, Peru.  The company aims for a transparent manufacturing process (much like Everlane) and supports its employees' community, always a philosophy I can get behind.  Nisolo also makes a mean chukka boot and also sells men's shoes.

There are a few other purchases that I've made in January that I'm quite excited about so I'll leave you readers hanging for now.  Happy (and thoughtful) shopping!