It may seem as though I have hit a YA streak with the last two novels that I've posted about - I swear to you it's just timing of these posts.  I do read "adult" books intermittently as well.  Throne of Fire by Rick Riordan is the second in the Kane Chronicles series, which I believe is his weakest series.  He is the infamous Texan writer (he's a San Antonio native) who created the Lightening Thief series.  The Kane Chronicles follow the life of pre-teens / teenages Sadie and Carter as they discover that they descend from the pharoahs and possess magical Egyptian powers.  Then they have to go off and rescue their dad from the Egyptian gods and thus the series begins.  Perhaps this is part of growing up but I don't remember being quite the obnoxious teenager that Rick's characters always are or suffering through quite as dramatic of a love life as Rick's characters do.  I suppose that's what makes it YA though.  Regardless, if you want a quick snap up easy read, check out Rick Riordan's other series and then continue on to The Lost Hero, which I think is his best work yet.  This is no "Harry Potter" for all you HP heads out there, but the man has stumbled upon a winning formula for YA that he follows in all of his series but less blatantly in The Lost Hero.