It's on like donkey kong

That is the Super Mario character that my co-workers think best characterizes my personality and style.  Donkey Kong - the barrel hurtling, princess stealing big hairy ape.  Not cute Toad or squeezable Yoshi with his retractable tongue.  Not even clever, Italian Mario or Luigi.  DK.  As a result, I have a Donkey Kong figurine in my cube, facing off my neighbor Mario.  Which got me thinking and searching for plastic figurines on the intraweb and, lo and behold, I discovered an entire subculture of little plastic vinyl people.  Some of the guys were pretty adorkable - I could easily see myself spending over $50 on little plastic toys.

Tokidoki Unicorno
Bastardino (Yes that's really his name!)
Evil labbit by KidRobot
NBA Collector Series - They have a Dirk.  Too bad it's a blind box or else I would get my sister one
Mozzarella - head of The Moofia
O-No Green Sushi set
The CEO of Nike Mark Parker has a design background and his office is just littered with illustrations, shoes and of course, toys.  Personally, I would probably find it distracting, and not inspirational, to work in a space with so many different things to catch my eye.  And the office cleaning crew probably draws straws on who has to go in there to dust.  Pictures below are from

Do you have any items you collect and display proudly on your desk at work?  Or do you think that toys / collectibles / figurines are for kids?


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