Doctor Who may be the only show that I've ever binge-watched, which I did almost exactly two years ago whilst still living in Houston and working from home.  In those days, I was still struggling to work out the kinks, acclimating myself to almost zero social interaction during the day and setting my own schedule.  I was having a time of it, striving for the correct balance between being productive but also not overwhelmed with constantly working because my "office" was a few steps away and started an episode of Who in the evenings to catch my breath and a break, beginning with the Christopher Eccleston 2005 reboot.  My one-episode-per-night... which quickly became a handful of episodes during the day.  And then turned into full days of exploring all of space and time with the Doctor, courtesy of an Amazon prime membership.  To this day, I maintain a not-so-secret crush on David Tennant, my very favourite Doctor, because of the wonderment and laughter he was able to provide me during a very solitary summer.

This weekend, the newest season of Doctor Who began with the newest reincarnation of the Doctor.  Although he may have a face that looks older, there is much that the writers preserved of the familiar Doctor Who set up that we all know and love.  Slightly outrageous (okay, incredibly outrageous) fantastical science fiction plot elements and groan-worthy one-liners are still the name of the game and it was almost with a sigh of relief that I found those elements to be unchanged.  Even though it was only two years ago that I met him, a lot has changed since then and I am again confronted with solitude, of a little different kind this time around.  It's funny, those things that reassure us that all is right with the world and surprisingly, or rather unsurprisingly, it was Doctor Who once again that made it all okay.  And so it was that this weekend, for pure pleasure and joy and a bit of an escape, I welcomed the Doctor into my home for another adventure.