Summer thunderstorms rolled through this weekend, knocking out power all over the city and for a bit at my apartment on Saturday afternoon.  It's scary how ill prepared I am for any type of emergency - no candles, back up water, generator, just sitting in the grey light watching the rain beat down on the planters and the rosemary bushes outside.  Sudden and bright flashes of light and loud booms of thunder were my entertainment and the storm was so loud that it would have been impossible to accomplish anything else.  At times, we need to take a break, a breather, a pause and at times it's forced upon us.  This weekend, I'm glad for the slight reprieve that was forced on me.  Unfortunately, the cooler weather brought by the storms burned off quickly and the blazing sun was back too soon.

Obviously the home for this week has been cleared out for the sale, however the structural bones of this house are still fairly apparent.  Loads of windows, beautiful wood floors, and the ceilings in the kitchen, it's lovely and very simple.  I could easily see this filled up with all of my things.  Or maybe just pillow forts.  Pillow forts and faerie lights to my heart's content.