After my accident down Reichenbach Falls last weekend (I kid, I kid), my sister and I drove alongside the Columbia River back into Portland to grab some Indian food.  If only we had known about this "coastal trail" earlier, I am more than certain we would have squeezed in a quick run alongside it.  Clearly it's a popular spot for bikers as we saw more than one SUV pulled over on the side of the trail, hauling bicycles.  On the other side of the river are the sandy banks of Washington state but on the Oregon side, it's dotted with marinas that are the resting spot for the most adorable floating homes.  It's a quick splish, splash, and sploosh and you're into the admittedly freezing river water, which can be refreshing after those hot summer days spent in the sun.

At over 2,500 square feet, this floating home is large enough to house a family of four comfortably as well as a few of your water toys (not to mention host a bomb-ass deck party).  Not only that, there's a light filled studio office on the third floor, perfect for those budding artists, writers, or nude sun-bathers.  We might have to look at renting ourselves a floating home next time I make a trip to Oregon and get a whole different side of the city.