Besides the rumble of a diesel engine in my ears and the howling winter wind, I am practically numb to anything else that happened this weekend.  In fact, I may or may not still be frozen from the cold.  I think my fingers and toes are all still with me.  After over nine hours outside on a gloomy, windy, bone-chilling day, I am generally ready to call it quits on winter.

On Saturday, we took three girls from our barn to an a-rated horse show.  Between loading and unloading the horses at the crack of dawn, getting them settled in their stalls, watching the events before ours, and then getting them ready for the show ring, I think I might have shivered off more calories than I burned walking the horses and chasing around the pre-teens.  There were ring stewards walking around in ski onesies, and the dedicated parents were surreptitiously sipping on Irish coffees while huddling under blankets in the grandstands.  And here we are, getting snow flurries tonight in mid-November.  In Texas no less.

So it's natural that my eye turns to spring weather in New Zealand (can you tell that it's on my travel list) and this cute little cottage in Wanaka over looking mountains and lakes.  Okay, maybe not so little but it sure has the indoor / outdoor living thing on lock.  I might just live outdoors during the warm months and gaze at the mountains during my writing breaks.