When I finally retire from my current vocational path, you may just find me at this equestrian estate in New York.  Come fall, I would be teaching my students the finer points of being an equestrienne out on a mock fox hunt and generally bathing in the warm glow from the fall leaves.  My pastures would always be pristine and groomed, with nary a naughty leaf out of place.  Of course, my students would never talk back and always be polite and courteous.  Please, Thank You, and Excuse Me would be uttered at barely a whisper.  The barn would be spic and span with not a speck of dust on the beautifully polished tack.  The horses, well they would obviously be perfect angels.  None of them would slobber, bite, kick, or poop at inopportune times, especially not in the aisles.

Some one pinch me because I'm clearly dreaming.