Despite successfully avoiding television for the majority of 2014, with the exception of my two favourites and the occasional terrible movie on TNT, I may or may not have found my new favourite tv show of the year.  It's called Over the Garden Wall and is a miniseries on Cartoon Network that was just released this month.  The show came highly recommended by my composer compadre and rightly so; the music is haunting, folkish, and beautiful.  The style is very Miyazaki-ish and the screenplay is downright clever.

The story is about two brothers, Wirt and Greg, who are lost in the strange and spooky woods and are trying to find their way home.  Emo older brother Wirt is voiced by the well-traveled pilgrim Elijah Wood, and Greg may win the award for my favourite tv show character ever.  And before you ask, yes that is an upside down teapot on his head.  See, winning already.

Each episode is less than 15 minutes (you're welcome ADD folks and small children) and even though this is a children's show, it had me laughing out loud.  Mostly at Greg.  The episodes are also filled with odd and quirky songs, much like the ones you would make up off the top of your head when singing in the shower or the car.  I had one of these songs stuck in my head all day at work (honestly, much better than one of the Pop 40 alternatives).

And just because I know you all have nothing better to do during the day than to watch YouTube videos, below is the full first chapter of the show.  At the very least, it should keep you entertained for ~10 minutes.