... I'm going to leave you with the pictures of a beautiful house built in the 1920s snuggled in the historical Winnetka Heights neighborhood in Dallas.  There's nothing like a gorgeous home that I won't buy to end the week on a positive note.  This house has almost EVERYTHING you could want - skylights in the kitchen, guest house in the backyard... except for a garage.  I know, what could you want a garage for when you have all that?  Tool / car storage is the simple answer.

Last weekend, I may have reached a cold hard truth of house hunting when we did a drive-by of (yet another) horse property within the city limits.  The ranch had a beautiful, brand-spanking new house and was on an 8-acre lot, complete with big red barn (according to B, it's not a barn unless it's red). There were horse properties on all four sides and several commercial stables as well.  It was easy to get wrapped up in the dream sequence of having several four-legged friends grazing in my backyard and a pack of dogs running around.  BUT enter the harsh reality.  My current life is not conducive to owning livestock.  At least not right now.  The hours that I work and the amount that I travel would mean installing a permanent animal babysitter/barn-keeper at the ranch and then really, what's the point of that.  It was almost a feeling of relief reaching that conclusion because I'm ill prepared for the farm life / rural living.  However, it does give me a goal to work for as well as time to prepare - maybe in the next decade - for a future life as livestock owner / farmer / rancher extraordinaire.  Maybe?