Equestrienne dream job

MatadorNetwork enticed me this morning with its latest How'd You Get That Gig via Abbey Hesser who works as a horseback tour guide in Andalucia.  Abbey takes visitors on guided horseback tours on the coast in Spain and then takes the guests to town for dressage lessons.  Everyday.  And gets paid for it.  It's amazing that she just picked up Spanish while she was living there as well.

Having brushed up on a tiny bit of dressage this past weekend (with sore thighs to prove it), I can't even begin to imagine how enjoyable that job would be.  Actually... I can and have spent the past few hours daydreaming about a career on horseback.  I would actually be in shape, get outside on a daily basis and also refine a new and completely different skill set involving something I love to do for fun.  I'm not nearly as good or experienced a "horsewoman" to be a professional rider but that experience can only be gained through practice.  And I rarely have the time to practice and haven't had the time these past four/five years.  When is it time to stop making excuses and just start doing?  And is a hobby that becomes a career still as enjoyable or does it just become a job?


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