Wednesday is Wendy's Day

Happy Wednesday!  I get a warm fuzzy feeling on Wednesdays, partially because of the name of the day of the week.  It looks like Wendy and makes me think that it's Wendy's day and hence, a good day.  I don't know how I arrive at the conclusion that Wendy is some benevolent fairy goddess who arrives to tell you that the work week is almost over and not a cruel and ruthless dictator who tells you that you're going to have to work on both Saturday and Sunday.  But subconsciously, that's what I believe.  I suppose it also helps that the sun is shining and it's spring time here in Texas.  And with that, I'm also going to share with you some happy etsy finds!

8 x 10 nutella love
Nutella love might have to go in my kitchen
CARD SET (5) - Hello - Screen Print
Hello there
Plaid Heart
I heart plaid
Letterpress Doodle Hello and Thanks Notecards
Flat cards with bright envelopes - I always feel so guilty throwing envelopes away (I always keep the cards)
Individual "Thank You" Note Card & Envelope
Thank YOU for sending me this pretty card
Happy Mothers Day - Hand Letterpressed single card
I did actually order this pretty card from Sarah who is oh-so nice and incredibly responsive!


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