Frenchie and I have been brainstorming about different places to vacation this summer, as an upcoming vacation is one of the few things that keeps us from losing our mind while at work.  Last year we waited too long to start planning and made a fun but very cold trip to Austria and the Czech Republic in the fall.  Hopefully this year, we'll be able to do a trip where we can spend a good amount of time relaxing and sightseeing inbetween naps.  I just started looking at plane ticket prices today and they are quite exorbitant.  I am shocked that a trip to Europe now costs almost twice what it did two years ago.  I'm inclined, as we've already gone on vacay twice this year, to keep it closer to home but the Frenchman keeps bringing up Greece.  I've gathered a few inspirational pictures below - does anyone in the blogosphere have any great summer vacation ideas?


Pink Sands in the Bahamas

Zihuatanejo, Mexico (yes, the one from Shawshank Redemption)

Napa Valley, California

New Orleans, Louisiana

Grand Caymans

Floating the river and dancing afterward in Gruene, Texas


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