LetterHead (Kinda like metalhead)

The art of letter writing is unfortunately fading into the sunset, going the way of monocles, typewriters and cursive.  Lucky for us, Shaun Usher via Letterheady is collecting an online archive of letterhead designs - from the famous to the infamous - submitted by his readers.  Muhammad Ali has a startling number of different letterhead designs. 

What design would inspire you to fill the blank page?

J. K. Rowling, 2009 | Submitted by Dan Lacey

Electrolux, 1938 | Source

Finding Nemo letterhead, used by Pixar director Pete Docter in 2003. 
Previously: Pixar’s 2008 The Incredibles letterhead.
Pixar Animation Studios, 2003 | Submitted by Terri

Novelist Stephen King’s personal letterhead from the early-80s. 
Stephen King, 1982 | Source
(The last one is Stephen King's from the early 1980s)


  1. these are such a fun idea. I'd love to write letters on these!


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