Recent read #6: Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse

Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse by Victor Gischler is a fun adventure novel set in an action-packed, gun-slinging, post-apocalyptic world.  Since the apocalypse nine years ago, Mortimer Tate, an insurance salesman, has sequestered himself in a cave in the mountains of Tennessee.  The adventure begins when Mortimer steps out of his cave, loaded down with heavy artillery and bottles of Johnnie Walker as currency, curious to see what has happened to his old life and craving human interaction.  The grail of Mortimer's quest is his ex-wife Anne, who he left prior to the apocalypse out of spite.  Gischler takes you through a world where strip clubs are the only organized institutions, electricity is generated by a horde of bicycle-pedaling slaves and moonshine flows more freely than water.  This book is a good break if you've been reading something hefty and serious.  The characters are entertaining to follow and the story is a perfect one to lose yourself in.  It even comes complete with a car chase at the end.  I'm curious as to how Gischler's other novels compare and will let you know if they are equally as enjoyable.


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