My dear friend Carl* has been deathly afraid of pandas ever since he was a small child.  He used to dream that they would crawl into his house while he was sleeping and eat his entire family.  To this day (he's almost 30), he hates pandas and wishes extinction upon the species.  So, of course, at every opportunity I get, I send him panda related things.  Which actually is quite often as panda things appear everywhere.  It's as if there is an inverse relationship around the number of live animals and the amount of merchandise available.  Below are a sample of some of my favourites.  This blog post would be one of his biggest nightmares.  I mean besides the fact that I'm exposing his secret all over the blogosphere.

Okay, this just freaking too cute!  Via tumblr

These cupcakes are amazing.  And admittedly slightly scary

Stenogra-fur notepad in panda

Panda skillet for frying up some bamboo - in the panda's head
This is not a Halloween costume, I promise.  They were selling them in the ski shops in Breckenridge
Angry pandegg does not relish the thought of being eaten for lunch

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent (or wussy)
**I really need to learn HTML.  Thanks for your patience everyone while I try and figure out this blogging thing