When Frenchie moved to Texas over two years ago, he was actually out of town for the physical "move in" and I was standing in his stead and directed the movers as to where to put all the furniture. Early Saturday morning, we got a harebrained idea to rearrange the living room. The living room had been set up in a very linear fashion with the television on one wall and the sofa and coffee table set up directly across from it. However, we had gotten comfortable with that and had decorated according to the set up of the room. Saturday morning, we tried to mix up the set up. We took the tv from one cable outlet to the other on the other side of the room and angled it into the corner. We then placed the sofa on the other side with the recliner sitting in the corner at an angle. It's amazing how much dust accrues behind furniture in two years and so we vacuumed and swiffered as we went. Pleased with our rearrangement, we set out to peruse furniture stores to find some bookshelves to fill the now empty wall where the sofa used to reside. Although, we didn't buy anything, we came home intending to renew the bookshelf search online and watch preseason football games (him more than I). To our combined horror, the cable outlet on the other side of the room did not work and the cable box was dead. Frenchie called Comcast, who told him that in order for them to activate the outlet, they would have to send someone out and it would cost $20. That settled it, back the furniture went, into the spots that it was that morning. I had my game face on during the morning move and helped with shifting around the heavy stuff but now I was tired. My arms just did not want to cooperate anymore and we did the moving very slowly. As the end result, we did move some of the furniture and angled some pieces so as not to emphasize how long the room is. It looks and feels more spacious than before. I think we'll be okay living with this arrangement, at least until I grow some more muscles.

My books will continue to be crammed in the kitchen cupboards (much like the 60 case of tennis balls we just bought yesterday) but I'm going to continue to dream of bookshelves and reading nooks, aided and abetted by Pinterest.

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