Inside the loop in Houston, there are varying types of homes, just blocks from each other.  It makes house "hunting" really fun, especially when you're able to discover gems like this California-style cottage.  The house looks like it popped straight out of wine country, with its low slung ceilings and comfy casual furniture.  Of course if it was in the wine country, the home would also be going for 4x what it is today

I enjoy atypical front doors like this one.  It makes me curious as to what else is different about the home and wonder about what I'll stumble upon next

The front door leads to this foyer, which feels like an area of the house that was enclosed at some point in time.  However, it's particularly smart for those who entertain as it provides a place for guests to place their things 

This is my favourite room in the entire home.  It's so cheerful with its brightly painted walls, natural sunlight and tiny fireplace peeking out

Sigh.  I'd love to do daily swims in a lap pool like this.  And lounge around in a backyard like this.  Minus the kids' playset