We were at Frenchie's parents' home this past week and were able to relax in some cooler temperatures.  Sidebar: They can leave their windows open during the day and at night!  Not every home has air conditioning!  Sorry, those things are just amazing to me.  The lake view pictures are taken from their home as well as from the hotel and one of the restaurants in the township that they live in - your very own slice of Americana.  I didn't grow up in a little town like theirs and have always enjoyed going home with Frenchie to experience something a little different.

Frenchie was home for a wedding of a high school friend and him and a good number of his friends were the majority of the bridal party.  That meant a good amount of running around and attending a number of social activities.  His sister and her boyfriend also came home for part of the weekend and his parents hosted a family and friends brunch at their house as well.  Throw on top of it New Year's in August and Mardi Gras holidays on the same night (don't even ask) and suffice it to say, I'm worn out after the travel and festivities and need to do a ton of laundry but it's back to work for me.  Is it really only Tuesday?