The giant who lives upstairs

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The giant who lives upstairs
An avid midnight bowler
Rearranges his furniture at least three times a week
And practices his catwalk in stilettos before dawn

The Amateur Jugglers of Houston
Meet at his place every Tuesday
Show off how much they haven't learned
And often stomp their frustration

Meek and mild like a mouse
Hiding below, I wonder
Does the giant like chocolate chip cookies
And how strong is my ceiling?


  1. "The Amateur Jugglers of Houston" - I love that sentence, have a certain ring to it! :-)

    Oh, I forgot - I have actually made a couple of clothes; skirts and a shawl (under the lable "Things made by me" on my blog) - does that make me a pain in the a**..?! :-D

    (and if I tell you that the skirts were a bloody struggle, does that help? They were!!)

  2. Did you write this poem, Rooth? Wow!
    Anyhoo, I'm probably the last person on earth to have not seen

  3. Ha! Giiiirl, I have the same problem. So funny that you say this because I always refer to people above my apartment as giants too. Every evening around the same time, I hear a constant heavy thud. I've since learned that they're probably running on a treadmill. Even so, when I'm getting ready to go to bed, they're so loud, that it feels like someone is actually in my apartment. Weird! But I'm pretty much used to it by now...and you probably will too.

  4. ...I am fairly certain the rest of his giant family lives above me...

  5. That was awesome!!! And great image - I clicked on the link - is it a movie?

  6. So from what I gather, he likes to cross dress? ;P

    Great poem!

  7. That poem is amazing. Those dang giants...

  8. LOL Very cute!! I think you should go up there and offer them a chocolate chip. When they aren't looking check out how strong their floor/your cieling is! :)

  9. And that's why I live on the top floor.,I can't stand noisy people!

  10. This is amazing! I love it!

    And I can totally relate...I'm super sensitive to apartment noises and have lived in one too many loud places...

  11. Isn't it funny the way giants always live upstairs, rather than down?!


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