I'm not quite sure you can come up with more perfect weather than that which we had this past Saturday and Sunday.  Truly it couldn't have been any better.  We were blessed with a cloudless sky on Saturday and mid 70s both days.  If you were an inveterate kite fighter, Sunday would have been perfect for you and your mortal kite-fighting enemies, as I'm sure a more picturesque windy day has not been seen in these parts for over half a year.  All in all, quite brilliant.  I may have been able to get a little bit of colour this weekend too.

Speaking of perfection, how flipping cool is the house this week?  That kitchen is simply to die for.  Seriously, if my whole house could be just that kitchen, I'd be totally fine with it.  You could feed (and serve) an army in that kitchen.  And if the indoor kitchen isn't enough, you have a full outdoor chef's kitchen poolside as well.  Just in case you don't want to walk a few steps from the indoor kitchen.  If you lived in this house this weekend though, you might have been tempted to just live outside the entire time.  Let's keep it up Spring 2014!