By now, you've all heard of all of the little things that Ryon's afraid of.  Birds, moths, loud noises.  The list seems ever endless and I have bruises on my legs that attest to his fear of flapping wings.  I laugh and am angry at the same time whenever he spooks at a bird's cry or a child's shout.  Or even someone rounding the corner, unexpectedly, with a wheelbarrow of shavings.  But I found out tonight what Ryon's not afraid of.


We were practically on top of two of them, curled up on the side of the arena this evening, before I noticed them, each about a foot long and hissing away as Ryon stomped ever closer.  I will admit, I may have gasped and quickly yanked him away before I could really see what kind of snakes they were.  He didn't even miss a beat, didn't notice them (or didn't care about them) at all.  The entire incident still gives me chills.  Not because I'm scared of snakes (I'll leave that task up to my dad's entire side of the family), but what if they had whipped up and bitten Ryon?  Snake bites, even for how large horses are, are terrible things.  Or even just startled him.  The last thing he needs is another side of that arena to be scared of.  Thank goodness for small favors.  My buddy is either very brave or very blind.  Let's assume it's the former.