To the Reader: Twilight by Chase Twichell

Shaun Lowe
A wonderful friend sent me a poem the other day... another one of those that speaks to my heart.  The mountains, the spirits, and those that speak, intoning from a mysterious place?  Is this coming from the cracks of my soul that flow out like rivulets of water into the poetry airstream?  The only difference between myself and the author of this poem is that when I look out to the mountains and speak into the sky, I sing instead.

To the Reader: Twilight by Chase Twichell

Whenever I look
out at the snowy
mountains at this hour
and speak directly
into the ear of the sky,
it’s you I’m thinking of.
You’re like the spirits
the children invent
to inhabit the stuffed horse
and the doll.
I don’t know who hears me.
I don’t know who speaks
when the horse speaks.


  1. What beautifully written words.

  2. Really love all the poems you've featured so far, Rooth. :)

  3. Lovely!
    Are you the stuffed horse or the doll? :)

  4. Beautiful. But be honest, you like it because it mentions a horse ;) xo

  5. ha. erin's comment made me laugh. i think she might be right ;)

  6. A beautiful poem! Thanks for sharing with us!

  7. What a beautiful poem, and I love the photo you selected to go with it!

  8. I enjoyed this poetry break and also your previous post about meeting with old friends. It's funny how some people become landmarks in our lives...moments we measure our progress against.

  9. Such a beautiful poem! Have to write it down!

  10. You really need a huge sense of sensitivity to dive into poetry. Loved this one.

    I've followed you via Bloglovin'!
    I'd be very happy to see you in my blog sometime too.

    Style Nirvana

  11. Amazing! Both the words and picture. :)


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