On a mild, sunny day, the people are out.  They're exposing arms, legs, shoulders, midriffs, glowingly-pale body parts that haven't seen the light of day in... oh, a year or so?  The people - they're taking a turn in the park, pushing prams, pulling leashes or arm in arm with their best gal / guy.  For once, their heads are not pointed down at the pavement but up and on a swivel, pointing and gazing at the water, at the skyline, at the others strolling about.  Picnic blankets are spread out on lawns and park benches are all occupied with the people - eating or reading or just catching a quick cat nap.

I pull my sleeves down a little bit lower and zip up my jacket.  Sure, I've donned sunglasses but still look about, confused and amused.  19 Celsius (66 Fahrenheit) is really warm enough, delightful enough here to be called summertime.  Is warm enough for people to wear tank tops and flip flops.  But hey, why not?  When in London, do as the Londoners do.

The contagious easy going attitude from this past weekend also translates into the house of the week - I'm in love with the living room, can you tell?  The quaint and cute fireplace, funky chairs and sofa, not to mention sliced trunk of a coffee table with hairpin legs.  Plus all the shelving!  That may just be enough to fit my entire library collection.  If I double stacked the books.  I hope you all have an easy going start to your week and happy Monday.