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Rick, Katrin, Jeanine, and I have all been chatting about ice cream since this past weekend.  What flavours we're planning on eating, where we're buying it from, with what frequency we're going to eat it, in what quantity and what form, etc etc etc.  And now we're discussing what flavours we're planning on inhaling in advance of this upcoming weekend.  So, the way I see it, since last week, I've been literally screaming for ice cream.  Because the honest question is: what else in life is really worth screaming for?

The scene is now set for why, yesterday I finally caved and ordered an ice cream maker.  Cross that off the summer to-do list in red pen and then also cross off Getting WAY Fat.  But know what you should not do after ordering an ice cream maker?  Look up homemade ice cream recipes.  Do y'all know how much heavy cream, sugar, and eggs go into ice cream?!?!  Cue second set of screams.

If you don't, I'm not going to ruin it for you.  I'll leave you to your ignorance and bliss.  But I now know where the extra pound-age is coming from.  Oh, I'm still going to make ice cream this weekend.  Wild horses (or Ryon) couldn't drag me away from the task at hand.  Just ignore me if I'm jogging in place whilst I'm making it.

PS - Seriously, I'm not pregnant.