To continue upon Frenchie and my weekends-away-from-home trend, we went to my co-worker's wedding in Dripping Springs, Texas on Saturday.  Prior to the wedding, we stopped for a late lunch at South Congress Cafe in Austin, Texas.  It's a modern and casual restaurant on the South Congress strip that serves American / Southern eats.  I had dropped in for a cocktail before but had not eaten there before.  Frenchie and I ordered the smoked brisket hash and the quail sandwich with truffled remoulade; the quail sandwich was delicious and came with a smoky jalapeno slaw.  I could not stop slathering the remoulade on everything.  I also ordered their famous infused bloody mary, with Tito's vodka infused bell peppers, onions, celery, lemons, limes, garlic and jalapenos.  It was very spicy but also incredibly smooth and you could definitely get tipsy by finishing it.  I recommend stopping by for a drink or quick bite.

Pic from Sixthriver Architects
 For the wedding on Saturday evening, the guests were picked up by charter buses from the hotel in downtown Austin and taken to the wedding and reception hall 20 minutes away in Dripping Springs.  The ceremony started at 7 pm in the evening, however we've been having a heat wave (even more so than usual) so the guests sat down at the last moment possible before the wedding began.  Their red-headed little flower girl was so intent on emptying her basket that she went down the aisle twice and the groom had to finally come over to her and dump out the rest of the flowers from the basket so the wedding could proceed.

The ceremony was short and sweet, much to the relief of the sweating men in suits, and we all trekked upstairs to the reception hall.  The wedding colours were white, grey and teal and the entire reception hall was decked out in candle lights and draped white fabric.  The couple had hired a country western band from Houston to play and their first dance was a cute little two-step.  The wedding was very well thought out and each table even had a time table of when everything was going to happen (dinner served, toasts, first dance, etc).  I didn't get as many pictures as I had hoped and am starting to think a better camera may be a good idea.  Hope you all had a wonderful (and cool) weekend!