I checked my calendar today and Frenchie and I are only going to be in town for one weekend in all of August - between all the weddings and weekend trips that we are doing.  Our next one out is two weeks away and I'll be joining him for a weekend jaunt to San Diego.  Yes, make your Anchorman jokes quickly and quietly.  One of the main attractions in San Diego is the San Diego Zoo, which I'm told a person could literally wander around in for four days and not see the same thing twice.  (See map below)

And that is what I am nervous that we will be doing in San Diego for the entire weekend.  Zoos are great, interesting, educational, blah blah blah.  I loved them as a child (or at least my parents told me I did) and we went to zoos in most of the major cities that we visited when I was younger.  Now that I'm old(er), I thought that I would be over it.  Apparently I am but someone else is not.  It's one of the best zoos in the world, he says.  There's a beach and so much other stuff to do, I say.  And there are pandas there, he says.  Seen them before in DC, I say.  There are very few bars there so you can get a great view of the animals, he says.  Which means there are big pits instead that you could tumble into, I say. 

All in all, we will probably be going to the zoo.  And I'm sure it'll be a great time and we'll get lots of pictures from it.  But if you have suggestions of other neat things to do in San Diego, I welcome any other ones you have.  Literally, any other ones.