So... I'm going to do the cowardly thing and blame my lack of blogging presence so far this summer on technical difficulties.  My personal laptop has been inching toward a slow death since winter and finally hit that point a few months ago when it was unable to load a website within 15 minutes.  After an attempt to purchase a PC a few weeks ago and receiving a dead wifi adapter right out of the box, I decided to make the switch.  Yes, I've been shunning Apple computers for decades and yes, it makes me a big fat hypocrite now because I just want a computer that is fast and works.  I'm relearning all the hot keys as we speak (ugh) but small price to pay for something functional (I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that one).  Day one and I'm back to reading all your blogs and blogging again so that can't be all that bad, right?  Who knows, maybe these Apple people do have something figured out after all.

Since I've been silent (but not really gone), what I've been doing instead is reading all of the science fiction books, eating all of the TexMex, and sweating out all of the beer I've been drinking by the pool.  By my count, I've eaten nachos - fully loaded, guacamole heavy, substantial nachos, mind you - once a week since mid-June and I regret none of it.  The best part is that this is Texas, and I haven't even scratched the surface of nacho-eating.  This topic may be deserving of a post all on its own, come to think of it.

I've been gone for weeks and my closing note is going to be about food.  How terribly normal of me.

Really though, I've spent the evening catching up on all of your blogs and reading the stories that go behind the IG pictures you've been posting over the past few weeks (congrats to Stephanie and Jillian on your respective new babies).  I'm still here and with my new 'puter, I plan on being here much more often.